Step by step guide

Finals step by step guide

Pre Tournament requirements

Players are required to join the Ultimo Warrior Discord upon registration: their discord username will be matched up with the toornament registration and allocated the "Fortnite Tournament" Role. Please contact a tournament admin upon joining the discord to speed up the process.

Tournament Structure

Players will be assigned to one of two groups. Each group will have a different start time allocated to it and will play against everyone in your group in a game of Battle Royale. The top 50 players from each group will then move onto the finals. The finals will consist of three games of Battle Royale using a points system to calculate the top three players.

Game Rules

Fortnite Battle Royale Solo's

Points System:

Tie breaker:


Players are responsible for following the steps for interacting with the Yunite bot and getting into the custom game

Proof of Results

Players must submit their scores with a screen grab/picture via the Ultimo Tournament Results account. Failure to do so may result in a disqualification.
The player will have the allotted time and an additional 15 minutes after the match is over to submit these results. If they fail to do so within this time, they will be disqualified and their results will not be counted.
Screenshots can be taken with a camera or using the screenshot option on your relevant system. Camera photos MUST be clear.
Ultimo Warrior highly recommends every player to record their games in case any complications occur.
Timestamps or other methods for validating your results are recommended in the event of any complications.
Anyone submitting false, fake or doctored proof to advance themselves in the tournament will be disqualified and banned from future Ultimo Warrior tournaments.
Players discovered to have been playing in a gamemode other than Solo’s will be disqualified.
If we receive zero results that player will be considered forfeit.

Player Age

Players must be at least 13 years old. Minors must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to enter into the tournament

Responsibilities (Team/Player)

By signing up to participate in any Ultimo Warrior online tournament, you agree to comply with the rules and regulations set out by Ultimo Warrior and with any and all decisions made by its staff and tournament organizer.

Check in

Players/teams will have a maximum of 15 minutes from the tournaments start time to join the game/tournament lobbies. If anyone fails to meet this deadline, they will be disqualified from the tournament and their opponent will qualify for the next round. All participants must make sure that their game is fully updated or installed ahead of time before tournament start time. Game update delays excuses will not be accepted. It is up to both teams to ensure their contact is established. Players must use the same game account (Xbox, Epic etc) as registered originally in the tournament entry or on that players Ultimo Warrior profile.

Proof of Results

Players should submit their proof of results directly to support staff on the designated tournament chat. Details of the Discord tournament chat will always be provided by Ultimo Warrior support staff ahead of tournament. Note that these servers/chats are reserved for specific tournament participants and no third parties are allowed to join. Failure to submit proof of results within the specified time may result in a disqualification should their opponent(s) accuse them of cheating. The opposing team(s) may help confirm the score should the winner fail to do so. Ultimo Warrior highly recommends every player record their game in case any complications occur. Anyone submitting false, fake or doctored proof to advance themselves in the tournament will be disqualified and banned from future Ultimo Warrior tournaments.

Staff Communication

Ultimo Warrior Tournament support staff will be available at all times on our Discord server during tournament times. These details will be provided to every participant ahead of time. Ultimo Warrior strongly suggests participants join the Discord ahead of time to be kept up to date and have a direct line of communication with support staff. Discord server link - At no time will a staff member request personal details from you. Should this happen, please contact immediately to validate the request and do not send any information until you have had approval from the info account.

Verbal Abuse or Harassment

Here at Ultimo Warrior, we're all about friendly competition. Whereas the usual 'trash talk' is generally accepted, we have a zero-tolerance policy against hate speech, racism, disrespectful behaviour or bullying. Should any player be caught doing so, they will be disqualified, and a permanent ban put in place.


Ultimo Warrior reserves the right to change the prize pool at any time with no prior warning ahead of the tournament. Ultimo Warrior reserves the right to manually distribute funds to the winning team. There is no set timeframe within which Ultimo Warrior must deliver prizing.

Glitches / Exploits

Any player caught 'cheating', using any sort of exploit, hacking, or any mods that would deem an unfair advantage will be immediately disqualified and banned from entering any other Ultimo Warrior tournament. Ultimo Warrior reserves the right to issue a match disqualification or warning to any players they choose to. Should there be a bug in the game, players should immediately contact an Ultimo Warrior tournament organiser or member of staff. Ultimo Warrior staff will not discuss reports with anyone other than the persons affected by the game in question.

Mouse & Keyboard

Console players are not allowed to use mice and keyboard unless it is a cross-platform tournament including PC. Players caught using a mouse and keyboard outside of this will be disqualified.


No spectators are allowed in-game other than Ultimo Warrior Staff, who will always confirm their appearance ahead of a game. Please be wary of people posing as an Ultimo Warrior member of staff. If you are unsure, please contact us directly.


Pausing will only be allowed in the event of a disconnect, to a maximum of 3 minutes. Should the pause go any longer than 3 minutes, the player/team will be disqualified.


Ultimo Warrior is not responsible for any sort of connection issues or disconnections. No restarts will be allowed unless both teams agree to a restart or it is deemed necessary by Ultimo Warrior staff.


You have permission to stream any Ultimo Warrior tournament, however it is a requirement to tag Ultimo Warrior in all posts and shout outs.


Ultimo Warrior Ltd. (The tournament organiser) reserves the right to modify any rules and regulations before the tournament starting time. Ultimo Warrior hold the right to ban any player without reason, nor is it necessary for the Ultimo Warrior team to discuss the ban in further detail. Players can appeal the ban by submitting an email to

All rules listed above are intellectual property of Ultimo Warrior Ltd. and should not be copied without prior consent from Ultimo Warrior Ltd. Ultimo Warrior Ltd. All Rights Reserved